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Our mission

1. Protect yourself and others

Face masks can greatly help reduce the spread of the Corona virus, as outlined in many studies, and experienced with success in Asian countries.

Our masks are not designed to be alternatives to medical surgical masks and FFP2/N95 masks for front line workers. They are designed to be an effective, waste-reducing solution to disposable and home-made masks. When used properly, they will protect others and yourself more effectively than most non-medical self-made fabric masks.

Each mask features inside a unique pre-sewn meltblown fabrics by Borealis which provides up to four times more filtration efficiency than regular DIY fabric face masks, as tested in Borealis laboratory. Extensive testing has also proved that washing does not affect the filter efficiency.

2. Bring people together

We believe that these are times to bring people together, not apart. Our project brings together people and companies from completely different backgrounds, from the online stationery brand paper republic, to leading raw plastics producer Borealis, fabric producer Getzner and various SMEs sector and independent sewers from Austria.

3. Give work to people

The health crisis induced by COVID-19 has already led to one of the most dramatic economic downturns in a century. Thousands of independent workers are at home, with no job. Our idea is simple: give them work and pay them fairly and get the masks we need produced here instead of buying them 1000s of km away.

4. Reduce waste

Where will the billions of single-use masks land once thrown away? There are no recycling schemes for them. We believe washable and reusable masks can be an alternative to single-use masks for private (non-medical) use, like in public transport, in public spaces, in public transports and at work.

Whilst single use face masks are the preferred option in many situations such as for surgeons, the washable and reusable masks can be an alternative to single use masks for private (non-medical) use, like in public transport, in public places or at work. And they can certainly help reducing waste and improve resource efficiency.

5. Help your communities

We want to help the communities around us. This is a non-profit project. We pay our workers fairly for each mask they produce. Most partners have donated or supplied materials at cost price. A lot of people have invested quite some time in this project without seeking financial reward for it or completely free of charge, like the Borealis Social Fund. We donate 1 mask to those who need it most for every 3 masks that are sold online. And any financial profit from selling the masks will be donated to a charity.