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 (The filter effeciency as tested by Borealis, May 2020. The tests are indicative and do not guarantee a medical protection against COVID-19)

One of the key innovations of mask republic is that we added a unique washable meltblown filter between 2 outer layers of high-quality cotton fabric. Our laboratory tests indicate that our mask are four times more effecient in filtrating particles and droplets compared to regular, self-made masks.

The meltblown filter is made by Borealis, who has managed to quickly convert their operations from pure development to small scale pilot production.

The meltbown filter is the result of extensive testing in order to get the perfect mix of breathability and filtration efficiency. The meltblown filter is similar to the filter that is used in classic surgical masks, with one major difference: it is not electrically charged. This means that the filtration is lower than surgical masks, but it also means it can be washed again and again.

Watch this video below or on the following video link to find out more about how the meltblown filter is produced. 

Photo © Borealis: Meltblown fabrics produced on the pilot line in the Borealis Innovation Headquarters in Linz, Austria
Photo © Borealis: Roll of filtration fibres produced on the meltblown pilot line in the Borealis Innovation Headquarters in Linz, Austria